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 I'm excited that you're taking a moment to browse about.  Perhaps you have stumbled upon my website by chance or with a particular purpose.  Certain curiosities or unattained life experiences may be drawing you forth.  An unmet yearning, a warm touch to melt into or a dialogue to endlessly weave together. 

I am a discreet, part-time companion to men, women and couples in Vancouver.  This world has bestowed upon me opportunities to cement some wonderfully rich and lasting connections.  I have been equally fortunate to pursue my dreams in my professional life.  

Allow me to share a little bit about myself.  A sun-kissed brunette with deep, soulful eyes, a free spirit who enjoys quality connections.  On certain days, I'll take the rain to the sun.  Down to earth and welcoming of life's rich experiences.  Cultural adventures, the leisurely outdoors and unspoken delights are a few of my favorite things.  I am warm, bright and playful.   You will find that I am mature beyond my 30 years and confident in my own skin.  I stand 5 feet, 6 inches high.  I am strong, all natural and feminine in my body.  I lead a balanced lifestyle and enjoy life's little luxuries.

I am selective about who I spend time with.  It is my hope that you share some of my values and that we can mutually inspire one another.  Lasting relationships that deepen with time are nourishing and passionately fulfilling. 

I thrive in environments where small-talk moves beyond discussing the weather.  Social situations limited to one or two other people are my preferred type.  In a nutshell, making genuine, heartfelt connections is of prime interest to me.  You can expect nothing less of me when we meet.  Crossing paths with you in these sacred pockets of time whilst connecting honestly and intimately illustrates what intimacy should really be like.  It is my true belief that we are capable of loving more than one person at any given moment.

Wit and intellect turn me on.  You are educated, articulate, healthy, polite, discreet, well groomed,  and you are VERY selective about who YOU spend time with, as well. 

COVID Update:  It's been a rollercoaster of a ride for many this past year.  I have received my second dose of vaccine and am again willing to meet new friends.  If you have been curious about getting to know me, I invite you to send me a note below.


Before Booking

I am curious about you!  I've shared a fair bit about myself, please email me a bit about yourself and why you would like to meet.  Along with an introduction, let me know when and where you would like to meet and for how long.  I can host you in a beautiful space located in the downtown core or I am willing to meet you in your 5-star hotel.  I am interested in getting to know you so let's begin on an engaging note.

Two references from reputable providers are required before booking.  If you have not seen other providers, another verification process may be possible.  Please avoid the use of explicit or coded  language in your email.  Short notice bookings are rarely possible, particularly for new guests.

In the spirit of exercising discretion and remaining tasteful, I ask that no explicit reviews be posted about our time together.  Meeting within a commercialized context does not take away from the fact that our shared moments are meaningful and unique to our connection.  With the understanding that online reviews can offer some credibility, I have many respected friends in the industry who are willing to vouch for my professionalism and genuine companionship.  If you so desire, the option to meet for a tea before an initial encounter is available to you.  Your privacy and dignity are of the highest importance to me, please respect mine.  

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1 hour    $500

1.5 hours  $600

2 hours $700

Each additional hour $350

If you wish to have my company over a meal or beverage out, I would be pleased to join you.  Please factor in travel time as well at my social fee of $150 per hour.

I generally don't entertain travel or overnight dates but these may be considered with long standing friends.  I'm happy to provide you with the details upon enquiry.

Vancouver escorts duo

Ménage À Trois

I enjoy the company and sensuality of men and women.  Dates with couples are a lovely way to spend the evening.  If you approach me as a couple, I will expect that you are both clear on what your boundaries are and my wish is that you both are equally desirous of a date with me.  Understandably, exploring within a secure relationship can be a delicate adventure at times.

If your wish is to have another lady join us on a rendez-vous, my friends here are well suited to my tastes.  Ladies not listed here include Lovely Lily.

S17_7270 copy
S17_7270 copy

Ray Harridan. Dazzling smile, legs for miles and the butt of an angel!

Tara Green
Tara Green

Down to earth and sensual, Tara ignites inner desires.

Amber Louise
Amber Louise

Amber's sense of humour is matched by her passion and playfulness.

Sweet Bree
Sweet Bree

Sweet Bree, an intelligent, confident, creative, and passionate companion.

Dominique Domme
Dominique Domme

Dominique Domme, non-traditional sex therapist who specializes in the arts of domination and erotica play. Please respect that Dominique's boundaries by finding out more about her on her website.

Lauren Ross
Lauren Ross

Lauren Ross, a natural, curvy beauty, with an easy laugh and a smile you won't soon forget.



"Sorry no intimate details except we both enjoyed her very much, she truly enjoys women which always makes the night great.
Easy to be comfortable with and no need to give any directions and the best smile."

"Megan was just what Bree described. 5'6, fit, alluring, and perfect match for all of us. We headed to the sectional for some drinks. Bree had always talked highly of Megan, so it was wonderful to finally meet up with her together in a duo. Megan was wearing a beautiful blue dress that showed off her sexy form."

"I’ve been together with CJ and Megan twice now. Setting up the meeting was easy through website and email. I made first contact traveling through Vancouver several months ago. CJ handles all the details. She was friendly and inviting. Willing to stay in touch until appt. date. I was hoping for a good time, treating myself to something nice. Never expected to experience what I walked into the first time I was with them. I had such a great time that a few months later I diverted my business travel itinerary through Vancouver to have a second visit. Suffice to say, non-VIP’s, you will not regret finding your way to their door."